Friday, March 27, 2015

Nicole's New Side Bang

I can't keep up with fads these days.  I hardly know what's "cool" anymore.  I mean all the kids are watching "Uncle Grandpa" and I'm thinking, "Uncle What? Is that even possible?"  I've never watched that show, but I hear it's very popular.  They are watching "Lab Rats" on Disney XD and it's not even about rats.  Lab Rats is about high school kids.  This Generation X stuff just doesn't make sense to me.  It makes me feel like I was born in the stone age.  The way things are changing defies my logic.

The kids are telling me that I'm too old to be saying OMG... LMAFO... TY... IDK... TTYL... Yes, I can text.  Is there an age where someone becomes too old to text?  According to them there is an age where a person is too old to text, and I am that age.  I should put the cell phone away and crawl back under a rock.   I've been classified as "uncool."

Hairstyles, what would I know about hairstyles?  All I knew is that Nicole needed to get her hair fixed.  All of the kids are getting a side bang.  Nicole has not had any bangs since she was three years old.  She usually has her hair in little girl braids or pigtails, but she is maturing and needs a new look.  Nicole kept pulling her bangs to the side and dreaming if only she could have a side bang she would be so much prettier.  So we decided to go to the salon and let the girls work their magic.  I'm going to give the full before and after.


Nicole had her hair washed and combed out.  It was very snarly.  I felt bad for Abbey, the hairstylist.  In no time at all Nicole's side bang was cut.  First Abbey parted the bang, and next, she separated some of the strands.  She cut at a 45 degree angle downward away from the face.  Then she went back and evened it up.  It didn't take but a few minutes and Nicole was a whole new little woman.

Nicole also wanted her hair styled so Abbey had to spend some more time curling Nicole's hair.  She started from the bottom, and curled the bottom in ringlets, and then she worked her way up sectioning out different levels and curling each level all the way up to the crown.


Nicole is 10 years old and going on Sweet 16.  I have every reason in the world to want to own a shotgun.  I think she turned out beautiful.  She is not just turning heads -- she is breaking necks. I'm really proud of the way that she is growing up.  She is just gorgeous.

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