Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Brianhead Ski Resort, Utah with Mom, Nicole, and the Dog, Ellie

I told my mom about the blog I started.  My mom takes news like any mom would take it: she is a nervous wreck about everything.  The minute I said "cooking" she tore through all her old recipes, and we had to make a drive all the way up to Brianhead, Utah to her condo where she kept many of her cooking books and other ideas.  My mom told me that she and my father had tried many recipes from scratch over the years, and that my father had always wanted her to write a cook book.  Being a working mom and having raised 4 children, my mom had never found the time to write a cook book.  Over the years, she collected many recipes.  She jumped at the thought, and immediately wanted me to share them.

The trip to Brianhead, Utah, was about 1 1/2 hour drive.  First we had to get Ellie ready.  I nicknamed Ellie "Ellie Belly."  She is always rolling over and giving everyone a chance to rub her belly.  Ellie will roll over completely on her back and give everyone the perfect opportunity to rub her tummy.  Some people say that pit bulls don't make good pets.  I think Ellie is better with older children.  She doesn't like little kids pulling her ears or swatting her.  If little kids play too rough with her, she starts to growl.  She never snips.  She is very careful.  Older kids know better.  Nicole is 10 years old, and she does well with Ellie.  Ellie is the sweetest dog.  She is a big lover.

 In about 45 minutes, we arrived in Brianhead, Utah.  Some people would say that there is quite a lot of snow.  This year is a drought year, and this amount of snow for Brianhead is much too low.  We typically have several more feet of snow this time of year.  It seemed like after the blizzard the sun came out and melted most of the snow within a week or so.  As far as skiing goes, the powder is slim. 

From the condo, there were skiers talking, laughing.  The mountain echos.  Anytime anyone started to say something, it could be heard across the street.  I took a video of the street view.  I wish I could have stayed longer and spent a day skiing or snowboarding.  Here it is.

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