Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun at the Cedar City Aquatic's Center (February 2015)

These pics were from February 2015.  One of our favorite activities to take Nicole and Presley is the aquatics center.  There's nothing better to do with a bunch of over active kids than to let them exert their energy swimming.  I usually take the kids and let them go to the lazy river, the water dumping bucket/slide combo, and the super slide.  Almost every time we go there, it seems like the kids will swim for 5 to 7 hours strait.  They never want to leave.  There is a little snack bar and it's pretty reasonable.  The snack bar has pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, and fresh cotton candy.  They have a soda fountain, and it's only $1.50 for a large which is pretty cheap for on site. The girls like to go there and goof off.

I usually go to the pool and crochet and watch the kids.  I crocheted a purse while watching them.  I would like to swim more, but it's more expensive for adults to swim.  Generally, unless the parent has a toddler or baby, they don't swim too much.  It's rare that I swim with them, but I do like seeing their smiling faces.  Nicole and Presley have so much fun together.  The aquatics center is a lot of fun.

For the most part, it's a safe and fun place for the kids to go.  They see their friends from school and run and splash around.  It's really some of the best days for them.  It's a way to make good memories.

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