Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wild Flower Mix IV

Finally, I get to see what these pretty flowers that I bought from Dollar Tree look like. This was actually taken in middle of July, but I have been running around this summer, taking a break, and just not getting back to posting all of my photos. I must say I am very pleased with all of the beautiful colors that have bloomed. Though it took several months (April-May-June-July, about 3 1/2 months) to get to see these colors it was well worth it. I'm posting so that you can see.

Most of the colors of the wildflowers ranged from white, violet, and blue-purple. The oddity, I think, was the little orange flowers. They were tiny in comparison, but brought quite a lot of color to these planters.

Just to go on about how hardy this wildflower mix is, I left for San Diego for a week, and came back home, and they were still doing great. They can go a week in the hot July sun without water. That's pretty crazy, but these plants must store it in their roots. This whole experiment that I had with wildflowers cost me $1+ tax, which is just nothing. Anyone can do it. Even if you're not a very good gardener, these plants seem to thrive very self-sufficiently. Give it a try.


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