Monday, April 6, 2015

Dollar Tree Wildflower Mix

Most people told me it was too early to start planting seeds.  I shrugged it off.  At Dollar Tree there was a big box of Wildflower Seeds from American Seed Company for a whole dollar, and so I thought, "What's a dollar?"  I bought the seeds and took them home to experiment with the flowers. I decided to try to plant the seeds now.  I planted the seeds the last week of March expecting them all to die as everyone told me they would.  Well, surprise!  I planted hundreds of little seeds.  They lived, and they are growing good.

The first little leaves have sprung up.  Here my little surprise wildflowers are starting to grow.

Not only did the wildflower seeds sprout early in Spring, there are hundreds of them.  They are doing great.  They were a little dry so after these pictures, I watered them again.  They are needing water once a day.  So far so good... Hopefully I will have full grown flowers to take pics of.  Thanks for reading.

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