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I double majored at Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Science in History and 4 classes shy of my second degree Bachelor of Science in Biology.  I am well educated and very accomplished. I have traveled extensively across Europe, Middle East, Canada, and Mexico. I have numerous degrees.  I am cultured, and have an exceptional taste for great food, but my most important job of all in my life is as a mother.

Nicole and I in San Diego, California.



Myself on a Union Pacific rail cart at a Historic Museum.

Nicole and I on a Spanish masquerade.


Little Nicole and I

Nicole at Port Royal Redondo Beach, California on my brother's sailboat 

Nicole at a restaurant

My connection with my daughter has been formed through the fun activities we do together like cooking, traveling, shopping and arts.  We have a very special mother-daughter bond.  We do quite a lot of activities together.  We work together for common goals.  We don't always agree.  Sometimes we agree to disagree.  That's what keeps life interesting. 
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