Thursday, February 26, 2015

Waffle LOVE

Everyone in Southern Utah is talking about the recent food truck businesses that have been popping up everywhere, especially in particular the breakfast food truck, Waffle LOVE.  I like waffles, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a bread person.  I'm more of a fresh fruits and veggies kind of person.  Everyone in the town has been bragging that this truck is the most amazing and sells the best breakfast waffles.  Generally, since there is one truck, they start off in St. George, which is a larger metropolitan area, and stay there for the breakfast crowd.  Once they've hit all the major businesses and areas in St. George, they make their way to Cedar City, and stay there the remainder of the day.  Cedar has a loyal college crowd, and boy do the college kids ever love waffles?  My goodness. . .  I've never saw people go so crazy over a food truck.  I must check it out.

Yesterday, around lunch time, sure enough the waffle truck was there.  We pulled over to Ace Hardware parking lot where there was a large crowd gathered outside.  There were three or four food trucks selling food.  The line was fairly long.  We got in line and waited a good 10 to 15 minutes.  It better be good if I had to wait.  Well, we ordered the works, the waffle with fruit and cream.  It was $8.50, and then another $1 for any drink (milk, juice, water).  It's a little high for waffles.  I could cook an enormous batch of waffles with fruit and cream at home for much less, but it's an experience.  I'm not sure why people agree to pay that much for waffles unless it's exceptionally good.  I give the guy a $10 for the works and a drink, and he's so brain dead, he gives me $1 back when it was supposed to be fifty cents back.  I'm not sure why he gave me so much change back.  I was not expecting it.  I wasn't going to take his money.  I just put the dollar in for a tip.  Note -- the tip jar was over flowing with dollar bills.

The bone thin college girl in front of us orders a waffle with strawberries, raspberries, and nutella.  When the waffle comes out, I realize it's just a small hand sized waffle.  It looks like one of those re-heated wheat Eggo waffles.  It wasn't Eggo -- he had the batter and was mixing it and turning the waffles. It's more brown in color and more stiff in stature.  Waffles are supposed to have a little bit of crisp, not like a dog biscuit, and not floppy like a noodle, just a harder texture on the outside, softer, but not doughy on the inside.  I'm very particular about the way a waffle is cooked.  It has to be just right.  This guy might not have had a brain cell in his head, but he cooked damn good waffles.  He nailed it.  The waffle was cooked just right.  The fruit was all fresh, nothing canned.  The cream was not spray.  He used the Cool Whip, thick and creamy type.  We ordered milk for a side and it was Organic whole milk (not bad for $1).


It was served like this.  There was a light weight small cardboard rectangular shaped plate with this: waffle, Biscotti sauce, fruit, and cream. When I looked at the waffle, it had an interesting component.  I've never in my life ever heard of Biscotti sauce.  I'm not sure where one would acquire this particular kind of liquid.  It's a lot like Mexican Cajeta Sauce, a caramel texture.  It's most likely the same kind of sauce.  It tastes like caramel to me.  So first they set down the waffle.  Next, they cover it in Biscotti sauce (Cajeta Sauce?), and then, they cover it with fruit, in our case fresh strawberries.  Finally they weigh it down with the heavy cream.  
I thought to myself, "Well, that's an odd way to pile on ingredients.  Wouldn't you want to put the cream on first, and then put the berries on top?  Cream is alright, but personally, I'm all about the berries..."  Then I thought about how windy it is here at times, and wouldn't it be a tragedy to lose some of those wonderful berries blown away in the wind?  Then I thought, "Well, if they had a closed top container, they wouldn't lose any berries!"  A closed top container would most likely be Styrofoam.  I think the environmentalists here would have a fit if they saw some non-biodegradable product to be served on.  I guess they are scoring points with the environmentally conscious for serving on biodegradable cardboard surface opposed to Styrofoam.

Overall, I honestly was a little disappointed.  I was mostly disappointed with the price.  I could go home and make my whole family waffles for what Waffle LOVE charges for 1 waffle.  It was just ridiculous.  It's for someone who doesn't like to cook, doesn't have their own kitchen,  wants something fast and easy that tastes amazing, and just wants an exceptionally good waffle.  For me, I'm a family person.  I would invite everyone over for waffles, and get more of a thrill off of having my family around.  I was peeved about the price.  The Corn Dog truck had about the same amount of business, and they were selling corn dogs for under a dollar. I don't care for corn dogs, but I think they were more reasonable price wise.  Again, you get what you pay for.  I think I would rather give the money up and get what I wanted, which is the waffle truck, of course.  The waffle truck cannot be a routine at ten dollars a day times thirty days a month, the waffle truck would be a three hundred dollar a month habit.  No way am I spending three hundred dollars a month on waffles.  The price is discouraging, but the waffles are exceptional.


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