Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Brianhead Ski Resort

My tween daughter, Nicole, took ALL of the above pictures.

My mom just arrived back from her trip to Hawaii, and was extremely sick due to jet lag and a bad cough she had gotten on the plane flight back to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I didn't want her to come around and get Nicole and I sick so this last weekend she went to Logandale to be with her boyfriend, Billy.  My father passed in 2008, and I feel very lucky that my mom found someone that is as good to her boyfriend, Billy, is.  My mom spent the weekend near Moapa where it's hot and dry.  The desert cleared up her cough good.  It must have been some kind of tropical Hawaiian flu because it did not last long here.  Once she got back to the sunshine and warm air of the Southwest, it's better than summertime in some places.  In a few days, her cough was gone.  Logandale was 65 degrees this past weekend in the dead of winter.  The air is warm.  The skies are blue, and the sunshine is bright.  My mom asked us what the weather was like in Cedar (1 1/2 hours drive distance), and we told her that we just had a bad blizzard and a foot of snow.  It was 35 degrees at best and cold.  My mom thinks Logandale is okay, but Mesquite, Nevada is where the casinos and action are.  She wants us to go to Mesquite.  I'm glad mom got to check it out before we ever went because then we know our weekend trip to Nevada will be better planned.

My mom came back to Cedar and had to drive up to Brianhead, Utah to check her mail.  She called spur of the moment.  I generally like things planned so I didn't want to go, but Nicole did.  My mom was over in 5 minutes flat.  It was a good thing that I didn't go because mom took the black pit bull, Ellie, with her, and there was not any room in the back seat of the car.  Mom pulled up in her car, and Nicole ran out to meet her.  I packed two waters.  The drive is about 45 minutes up the mountain and 35 minutes down.  It's a little over an hour's drive.  The scenery is beautiful.  I asked Nicole to take pictures.

After I saw the pictures, I thought maybe next time I'll go too.

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