Thursday, February 26, 2015

Older Crochet Projects, Boredom and Quiting

I am a habitual person as far as habitually starting a crochet project, getting bored with it half way through, and then quitting.  Eventually, if my projects are interesting enough, I come back to my projects and finish them, but often there are long periods of time before I feel inspired to crochet again.  I'm not sure why I get bored or desire so much wait time in between finishing projects.  I think it's odd, I will have started a crochet project six years ago, and I'm going through storage, and finally finish the edging on an afghan.  I've talked to others that crochet, and I guess this time lapse for completion is common among crocheters.  They find a project they think is going to be marvelous, and then, after awhile of working at it, they get bored and drop it.  They only to finish their crochet project much later on.

Lately, I've been going on crocheting blogs on Facebook to look for inspiration.  Unlike the past where I've been a compulsive quitter, with more encouragement from crocheting groups, I have felt more of an urgency to finish all of my projects.  I've even started to go through storage, and finish projects.  If I become bored with one project, I start a new one, but then often bounce back and forth between projects.  I use one project to get me through the other project.  It never gets dull if you go back and forth between projects.  You have the excitement of starting again.

The other mistake I think I've made as a crocheter is that I've been overly ambitious.  I choose to make projects that are too large or take a long time to complete.  Instead of making a gigantic king sized blankets (where I would run out of yarn), I will try to buy multiple different colors of yarn and make several smaller afghans or baby blankets.  Smaller projects like baby blankets are easier to finish.  They are not as expensive, not so time consuming that they are easier to finish.  More colors makes a project interesting.  I use that to keep it interesting.

One passion I have not had that I'm starting to pick up because of the crocheting blogs are simple projects like purse making.  I have not made very many purses, but they are small, under two week projects, that are easier to complete.  A lot of times if a person can look at another person's work, they can figure out the pattern or customize it to their own needs.  Purses are simple and fun.  I'm starting to make beach bags, totes, cross body bags, clutches, and shag bags.  They are fun.  Women generally like them.

I keep watching the crocheting blogs to see what people are crocheting.  I noticed that it changes with the seasons.  For example, before winter, there are numerous head bands, ear warmers, scarves, berets, and beanies being made.  Now, before spring, crocheters are crocheting spring hats, shalls, and spring dresses.  In the winter time, the crocheters make boots, and in the summer, they adorn flip flops.  So now I think is the time to start all of those new and interesting projects.  I've seen more crocheters drop the heavy stitching (no more Tunisian, no C2C, no more basket weave, no more crocodile stitch), drop the heavy stitching for the lighter stitching for spring (more granny squares, more pineapple stitch, more V-stitch, and more Irish lace).

For me, it's a hobby I enjoy.  I like making different projects for family and friends.  I used to be horrible about finishing projects, but now I think with the support groups and the encouragement of others, I am beginning to take those extra steps and make an effort to complete what I started. As I try new things, I'm learning more and getting better at my craft.  That's progress, and I like that.

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