Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine's Day Wedding 2015

February 14th 2015 my sister, Monica, got married to Sam Crowther on Beach 69, Hawaii.  It was a destination wedding, and we only had a few months of notice before she went ahead and flew out to Hawaii to get married.  Of course that isn't enough time to do important things like buy a plane ticket, arrange a hotel, and time off from work.  Maybe that's the way Monica wanted it -- a nice, private wedding.  My mom informed us at Christmas that her Christmas present from Billy would be a ticket to Hawaii so she was definitely going to go to Hawaii.  I couldn't get it together that fast.  My brother Tommy and his wife, Laurie, are expecting a baby girl to be born in April so there was no way they were going to risk a plane flight from LA to Hawaii that late in the pregnancy.  Tommy and Laurie didn't go.  My brother, Will, is a certified sniper in the Marines, and he is currently on 6 month rotation deployment so he clearly did not go.  My brother, Brett, works in Palmdale, California, and he was raised in Hawaii, and he didn't go.  None of Monica's siblings made it for the wedding.  Marsha and my mom went, and a couple of Sam's relatives, the groom's family, showed up.  In all honestly, not too many people went to Monica and Sam's wedding.  I think that's how my sister Monica wanted it.

I don't understand why she couldn't have gotten married in Utah or Las Vegas, Nevada.  That would be easy for all of the family to show up to.  I know Monica and I are clearly different people, but her wedding defies my logic.  Why have a wedding if no one is going to show up to it?

Honestly, I would have loved to have gone.  I've never been to Hawaii before.  I imagine it was a great destination wedding.  I like the tropical climate, the swaying palm trees and the pristine island beach.  Hawaii, no doubt is one of the most beautiful places on the earth.  It's colorful and rich in culture.  The food is different and exotic.  I could understand wanting to find the "most beautiful place to get married."  I trust it was a beautiful service.

Monica and Sam have been together about 3 or 4 years.  It's about time they got married.  They have two children together, two little girls.  The older daughter is two years old, Thea Fay was named, after my father, Thomas, who passed, and Grandma Fay who also passed.  Thea did not go to Hawaii because the extra plane ticket would cost, and Thea is in the terrible twos.  She would have clung to Monica, and probably have been a lot of trouble to take on the plane and around airports.  The second baby, Callie Elaine, was named after my mom, and shares the same middle name.  Callie is a little over 6 months old and she is light and easy for my mom to take care of.  Callie smiles a lot and never fusses much.  Monica is still nursing Callie, and Callie could sit on Monica's lap on the plane so they decided to take Callie, but Thea would have to stay home in Utah.  Only one of her two kids was able to go.  Callie stayed with my mom in Hawaii, and Thea stayed with the in-laws in Utah.

The strange thing about it is that there were not very many pictures posted, and the ones that were posted were posted a few days late.  There was no doubt in my mind that Monica and Sam got married, and that the wedding went through just fine.  I was expecting that there would be more than one picture, but they only posted this one.  I imagine that part of their life they are keeping private as well.  Monica and Sam are a couple that values their privacy.  So, this is all I have to share.

Congratulations to her and her beautiful family.  They will all be coming home from Hawaii tomorrow.  I look forward to hearing of all their Hawaiian adventures.

One more pic was leaked of my sister's wedding so I have to post it (left to right: Sam's mom, Marcia Walker, Mrs. Monica Crowther, and my mom, Patty).

More photos of my sister's Hawaiian wedding.

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