Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome Lucy Louise Cantrell

Laurie and Tommy Cantrell just had their baby girl today.  I am a proud aunt, once again.  Her name is Lucy Louise Cantrell, and her nickname is "Lulu."  She was born yesterday night April 16, 2015.  She weighed in at 8.15 and 21 inches long.  Our hearts are full of love.  More pics to follow.

Lucy Louise Cantrell

Lulu is already a "Daddy's Girl."

Everyone is so in love with Lucy Louise.  Her older brother, TJ III, is so excited to be a big brother.

TJ and Lulu

The family is growing and changing.  We lose a few family members and new family members are born.  We are so blessed to be a family that is highly fertile.  We can regenerate.  We can have healthy baby after healthy baby.  We truly are fortunate to have Lucy Louise as an addition to our family.  She has a sweet angel face, and is born to a good family.  Of my family, we love children.  I have always liked how children are so innocent, yet so curious.  Children are born with an innate understanding of life, and they have a capacity to listen and learn.  I think it's neat that TJ understands already that he has a sister, and he seems to like the idea of having someone close in age, a new play friend.  Children are never a burden, they are always a blessing. We are so happy to have TJ and Lulu.  They are great additions to the family.  I think every time we get a new family member, I am reminded how blessed we are to have each other, and how magnificent life is.


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