Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Roadtrip to St. George, Utah -- Cousin Tuc and Family

My cousin, Tuc, and his family drove all the way from Detroit, Michigan to St. George, Utah (a long way to drive with a 3 year old in the car).  My Aunt Anne and Uncle Tom who are retired decided to relocate to St. George and make it their new home.  Aunt Anne and Uncle Tom bought a lovely house in the Bloomington area, and have gotten comfortable.  They have started a garden, and have bought nice furniture.  They have organized the house and made a comfortable guest room for visitors.  We love going to Aunt Anne's house.  Since Tuc was visiting, and we had not seen him in many years, we decided that we would all drive to St. George to Aunt Anne and Uncle Tom's house to meet up with cousin Tuc and family.

It's a 45 minute drive one way, and about an hour and a half on the road.  The Range Rover "Winston" has a built in GPS that talks.  He is a very proper guide.  The seats are heated, and the stereo system works well.  Everything is automatic, and high end. On the drive, we were roughing it.

Road Trip in the Range Rover

Cedar City to St. George I-15 Southbound

Watch out!!! That's a UHP (Utah Highway Patrol).  That nicely hidden black car on the side of the road is hard to point out is a police car.  On the way down to St. George we counted at least two patrol cars, and on the way back up there were about four patrol cars pulling over random vehicles.  Utah police are ticket happy.  The last thing anyone wants to do is plan a fun vacation and have it ruined with a $500 speeding ticket. Utah also has another fun rule.  Children 8 years and under have to be in a child safety seat so if you don't have a car seat for a small child, you'll have to buy a car seat before driving through Utah.  UHP doesn't mess around; they WILL write a ticket.  They write multiple tickets in a day. Buckle up and go slow.

Utah Highway Patrol

One of my friends from college lives on top of this cliff.
Near  St. George Blvd. exit, St. George, Utah

The funny thing about the names of places in Utah is that they are so very logical and obvious.  For example Salt Lake City is called Salt Lake City because of the lake there. Hurricane, Utah is called Hurricane because it's a small town with a reputation for violent winds.  River Road is no different.  One time there was a monsoon rain season, and I drove down River Road in the rain, and I must say, there is a reason why they call this street "River Road."  The road was flooded over a foot deep, completely washed out.  I was lucky to get out of there before they shut the road down.

River Road, St. George, Utah

Tommy IV

Nicole and Tommy hanging out. 

Look at how handsome and blue those eyes are! Aren't they darling?

Visiting, Spending time with family.

(left to right) Uncle Tom Crary, Aunt Anne Crary, Annie Lindsay Crary, Tommy, and Tuc Crary 

Three Generations of Crary men
Tom Crary II, Tom Crary IV, and Tom Crary III

Me and Aunt Anne

Tuc and my mom 

I-15 Northbound St. George to Cedar City, Utah

 Leeds/Silver Reef, Utah

Ribbons of Roadways

We are home again.  On the trip to St. George, Nicole read 5 chapters of her Beverly Cleary Book, the Ramona series.  Funny thing, my mom read those when she was a little girl, and Beverly Cleary is still one of the best children writers today.

Wave "bye" to mom and off she goes.

This was a fun road trip.  I was happy to see family.  I wish it could have lasted longer, but life happens.  Everyone is busy.  Time to visit usually gets cut short. I can't say exactly how happy I am to see the family together.  It doesn't happen very often.  Hopefully we will all get together soon again.  Thank you for reading.

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