Friday, April 3, 2015

Nicole's Spring Break in Las Vegas -- Grandma Barbara takes Nicole Shopping

This is Nicole's grandma, Grandma Barbara Ann.  She is a traditional Italian grandma.  She enjoys cooking and time with the family.  On Easter Sunday she is an exceptionally gifted cook.  She likes to bake pies, and she likes to go shopping.  Grandma Barbara likes having her hair and make up done.  She likes nice clothes and nice jewelry. Grandma Barbara is an out and about type of girl.  She likes to get out of the house and explore the town.  She is very neat and organized.  Almost everything in her house has a place.  She is a very kind lady and she loves her grandchildren.  Nicole's middle name is also "ANN" just like her Grandma Barbara Ann.  Nicole was named after her.

Grandma Barbara Ann

Nicole went to Justice for her shopping trip.  She bought some really cute clothes.  She got a dress, a whole bunch of tank tops and t-shirts, and shorts.  She is all set for the summertime.  This dress is especially cute.  There were several shorter dresses that were shorter in length, but Nicole especially liked the longer dresses.  I like longer dresses too.  She picked out a long dress with a tropical sunset.

This is her bedroom at her dad's house.  She has all her favorite posters up and her name posted on her wall in hot pink.  She is wearing some of her clothes from Justice.  Grandma Barbara helped her pick out a cute puppy tank top and some cute pink shorts. I think she looks very nice in them.


Here is Nicole's dog, Bella.  She is a white chihuahua.  She likes to snuggle with Nicole, and she likes to be pet and loved.  She also occasionally likes to chew things up, but she's so cute, we will forgive her.  I think she's adorable. Awe.


This is the living room at Nicole's dad's house.  He has a nice fireplace and big screen TV.  When Nicole is there, she takes over the remote and changes it to cartoons.  Nicole also likes to draw pictures.  She is quite the artist.

Here is Nicole goofing off taking selfies. 

Nicole is having a fun time.  She likes making relaxing and making silly faces.  Nicole is just a fun girl that is  full of personality.  She is planning Easter egg hunt (just at home) and Easter dinner with dad and family.  Nicole had a busy day shopping.  I'm sure it's great to be back at the house to relax.

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