Friday, April 24, 2015

Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep

Blackberries went on sale.  What would summer be without a Blackberry Mint Julep?  I decided to try this recipe to make it kid friendly, a non-alcoholic version of the Kentucky Derby special.  Ready to race? You bet.  I felt like a Southern belle making this recipe.  I hope you enjoy it.

Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep

Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep

1 pint of fresh Blackberries
1/4 cup of C&H Pure Cane Sugar
3-4 strands of fresh Mint
1 cup crushed Ice
(Alcohol Version NOT for children: add 1-2 shots of Bourbon)
1 can of lemon-lime soda (We used Twist-Ups)

These blackberries were so fresh and full of juice.  The mint is so fresh and fragrant.  The colors are vibrant.  I just have to take a moment to appreciate them both.  In a minute they will be transformed into a glorious and refreshing summer time drink.

Look at how plump those blackberries are.  Are they beautiful?  I have a confession, I ate a few of them just to taste them, just to make sure they would be perfect. 

I carefully placed the blackberries into a mixing bowl.

I added 1/4 cup of sugar.

Remember all of those beautiful blackberries I showed you in the beginning?  Now I'm going to mash them.  I am going to use the berries to make a deliciously sweet blackberry syrup for the Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep.

At first it wasn't such a mess, but as you can clearly see, these blackberries are extra juicy.  Sometimes when I mashed them they squirted juice back at me.  Blackberry juice stains so you might want to roll up your sleeves or put on an apron to protect your clothing.  The blackberry juices turned my fingers pink.

Remember in the beginning where all I had were cubed ice cubes?  Not everyone at home has an ice cube dispenser.  This isn't a restaurant, but it doesn't matter.  Ice can still be crushed in a blender.  My objective was to pulse and crush the ice.

I dropped the ice into the blender. 

A few quick pulses on the blender and I have crushed ice.

My strainer did not catch the blackberry seeds so I carefully spooned out the juice trying not to get any blackberry seeds in.  As you can see, those blackberry seeds are very tiny and sleek.  I am certain, no matter how hard I tried to keep these darn things from getting into my blackberry syrup, seed removal has got to be the most difficult part to making a blackberry mint julep.

Blackberry Syrup

I placed some mint into the bottom of the cup for color and flavor.  This is more of a preferential idea.  Not surprisingly, my daughter did not like seeing anything "Ew. Green," in her drink.  Use your judgement.  I did not mind it.  I'm advising, unless the person favors mint,  leave the mint as a garnish only.

I topped the blackberry syrup and mint with crushed ice.

I added the lemon-lime soda.

Now it's time to garnish with fresh blackberries.

Let's add some mint for garnish.

I made a second Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep in a martini glass. (Note: this might make an excellent Blackberry Martini, with a little Gin).

Overall, this recipe for children was a complete fail.  My daughter did not like it, but I think it was due to her pickiness and dislike for anything green (mint).  She did not like the mint.  I was a little stunned because to most people, the mint is their favorite part.  I was scratching my head.  The mint ruined it.  I thought she would look at this and love it, but she didn't care that much for it.  She liked the blackberries and wanted more blackberries.  I should have saved myself the trouble, done nothing, and just handed her a cup of blackberries.

My advice for this recipe is, get a big bottle of Bourbon, make it alcoholic and make it for yourself.  The kids won't appreciate it anyway.  It's the right time to get selfish and have a drink.  I don't drink anymore, but if I did, this would be ideal.  I'm trying to behave myself, and stay away from alcohol.  In my opinion, the Shirley Temple Style Blackberry Mint Julep was delicious.  I would make it for friends and family.  Alcohol free would be great for kids, non-drinkers, and pregnant women.  I like this version.  Definitely it is worth trying.

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  1. Guess who just bought blackberries this morning??? This lucky girl did! Can't wait to give this cocktail a spin!

  2. Hi Trish, thank you for your comment. I liked your simple syrup from your recipe on your blog for Pineapple Strawberry Mojito. I think it might work better to make a blackberry compote (water, sugar, blackberries in a pan) and strain the blackberries for a blackberry syrup so there are no seeds. Good luck. Please let me know all the details how your blackberry mint julep turned out. Thank you again.


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