Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blueberry Smoothie

There's nothing like a Blueberry Smoothie to give a person an energy boost.  Sometimes it feels like everyday weighs so heavily and troubles that come never go away, like there is a permanent rain cloud that follows.  Some days are hard.  Everyone has a down day sometime.  Everyday hardships depletes a person's energy, leads to fatigue, and lack of concentration.  Over worrying can lead to anxiety and depression so it's important to take care of you.  One way to boost energy levels is through diet.  It's important to give yourself the time to recharge.  Just that little daily boost of nutrients can change everything about your day.

Blueberry Smoothie

2 cups Frozen Blueberries
1 1/2 cups Organic Whole Milk
1 cup Yoplait Lactose Free Yogurt
1 cup C&H Pure Cane Sugar
2 tsp Vanilla
10 cubes of Ice

The Ingredients



I added the blueberries and yogurt to the blender.

Now I add the milk.

I add some vanilla.

I add the sugar.

I added ice.

 Ninja blenders are so much fun.  I placed the top onto the blender.

On top of the lid is the motor part of the blender.

I twist it on just a little bit tighter and the blender part locks in.

In a few minutes, I have blended all the ingredients down. 

I poured the blueberry shake into a martini glass. This shake was so thick that I used a spoon to help pour it out into the glass.

 I added whipped cream and garnished with mint.

Definitely this is kid approved.  My daughter absolutely loves it when I make this for her.  Whenever she is having a bad day, there's always a little ray of light that shines down.  There's always a hug and a smile -- and a blueberry smoothie, that makes everything better.  I love making blueberry smoothies.  It's the perfect way to re-energize.  It tastes wonderful, and looks fancy.  Whether it's early in the morning energy boost or a rejuvenating upper for your evening, I think everyone deserves a blueberry smoothie.

Well, thank you for reading.  I hope you follow along.


  1. Now I feel like a smoothie with fresh fruit, something we love now that spring has sprung. I also like that this is kid-friendly - they will feel so grown up having one of these in a fancy glass.

    1. Thank you for your comment, RWC. The toughest part of cooking is waiting to see if the kids are happy or not. Not only do kids love smoothies, but they are also nutritious too. Blueberry Smoothies are great.

  2. I love your recipes! I think I have the same blender as you, too. :)

    1. Thank you for the comment, Elizabeth. My uncle showed me the multiple blades on the NINJA blenders. They work great for smoothies as they cut up every last chunk of ice. They are a must have in the kitchen. I love your recipes too... especially gluten free chocolate chip cookies.


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