Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day at the Hong Kong Buffet

This has been one of the best Mother's Day surprises.  Nicole decided to take me out to the Hong Kong Buffet for Mother's Day with her own money.  Nicole is such a great daughter.  I am so spoiled.  This was a real treat.  I can't remember the last time we went out for Chinese.

I love sushi.  I have an eye and taste for expensive foods.  I like the king crab, the coconut shrimp, the sushi and the oyster bar. The last time we went to Chinese buffet, I raided the seafood area so badly that the waitress was very quick to hand us our bill.  It was a little more costly than usual.  I complain of course. I could see 400 pound men getting their grub on.  I thought to myself, "It's all you can eat buffet, and I bet that big guy could hammer down a few trays of food before he goes home..."  Still I see little kids eat like the bottomless pit, and they eat half priced.  It's expected that people will pig out at a buffet.  If the food is good, a person should be able to indulge in at least one or two plates if not more.

There were all kinds of colorful combinations of sushi rolls.  Some of the sushi was fried, some had crab, some had avocado, and others were topped with crab and seasoning.  I like those California rolls.  They are the best.  I picked up some ginger, some wasabi, and other flavorings.  I used chopsticks.  I have that talent for picking up food with chopsticks and dropping it.  I try to be careful, but end up making a bigger mess than a two year old.

This sushi that was topped with crab and other ginger flavored seasonings was the hit of the sushi party.

The best part about the buffet?  I think Nicole's favorite foods were probably the ribs.  She had ribs, ribs and more ribs.  She also liked the chocolate chip chocolate cake and the mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.  Nicole also liked the jigglers cherry Jello.  While she was in the sweets section, she picked up some orange slices.  These oranges were juicy and worth it to make an orange smiley face.

I never thought I would go to a Chinese buffet just for the orange slices, but these oranges were exceptional.  They were freshly sliced and good to the last bite.  Yes, we had to do a little work removing those seeds, but once you peel away an orange and bite down, it's a quadruple dose of Vitamin C.  These oranges were so sweet and full of juice, they would have made a mean fresh squeezed orange juice.  This was my favorite part.  I think maybe I should go back to a raw vegan diet. I could live off of these oranges.

Nicole had seconds on the mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.  She really liked this.

You can't leave the Chinese buffet without a souvenir.  It just wouldn't be right to leave without buying something that makes the experience more personal.  There were some cute Hello Kitty rings.  Nicole kept going back and forth over them, and she picked out one she liked.

We had a lot of fun.  At the end, we opened our fortune cookies.  Nicole's fortune cookie read, "Find release from your cures, have a good time."  Nicole's fortune cookie seemed a little inappropriate.  My daughter is a social butterfly.  She does not struggle with having a good time with friends.  She is typically the life of the party.  My fortune cookie said, "You will conquer obstacles to achieve success."  Hmm... That sounds very ambitious.  It would be nice if success happened.  I don't believe that success is handed to people.  I believe that they have to work for it and earn it.  Hopefully, this fortune cookie comes true.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day and reading.  I had the best Mother's Day ever.  I think it's because I have the best daughter ever.  Nicole is so thoughtful, kind and caring, I am very fortunate to be her mother.  We shared lots of smiles, and went home with full bellies.  It was a great day.  I hope I have more great days to share with you all.


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