Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lissa's Holy Guacamole

Avocados, sometimes called the alligator pear, are one of my favorite foods.  Not only are avocados highly nutritious, they also have more potassium than bananas.  I know, hard to believe?  Potassium helps lower cholesterol and regulate your heart.  Although avocados are a high fat food, they are actually still good for your heart.  Avocados are loaded with fiber and are known to help prevent arthritis and cancer.  Fiber helps you feel fuller so eating avocados might help with weight loss. Avocados are so good for you, and so flavorful.  This recipe is simple to make and definitely kid approved.

Lissa's Holy Guacamole

3-4 Ripe Avocados (the shells should be black in color)
1/4 cup finely diced Roma Tomato
1/4 cup finely diced Red Onion
2 Tbsp McCormick Guacamole Mix

The ingredients are very basic, but the flavor is fresh and mild.  Even with the acidity of the tomatoes and the red onion, I think you will see that this recipe can easily be made in 10 to 15 minutes.  So if you're in a rush and have company coming over, this is something that you would make fresh right before guests arrive.  When I bought the avocados, they were still green in color.  I had to wait several days for the avocados to ripen and turn black.  These avocados were the perfect level of ripe. When I cut them open, you will see how important timing is when making guacamole.

This is my video demo of how to remove seeds from an avocado.  At first I tried to press my thumb under the seed.  As you can see, that didn't work, and worse, as my thumb dug into the avocado, it started to mash.  In order to pull the avocado seed out without hurting the texture of the avocado, cut into the seed with the blade of the knife, and then wedge the seed out of the avocado with the knife. Watch my demo and you will see removing the avocado seed with the knife is the ideal cooking technique.

I'm going to show you how perfectly ripe this avocado is.  This is the first avocado I used so it wasn't just for the camera.  As long as the avocado is the right ripeness and not bruised, I can use my hands and peel away the black avocado peel.

Nice and easy does it.  This avocado peeled away immaculately. 

To make the guacamole mild, I use another trick.  With the red onion, you can see in the center there is a white part.  This part of the onion has the most heat.  It adds the most spice.  To make this guacamole more mild, I am going to remove the center of the red onion.

The same red onion has had the center removed.  So after the center of the onion is gone, I'm going to remove the peel and slice off the end.  I'm going to start finely dicing this red onion.

Avocados and tomatoes

Avocados, Roma Tomatoes and Red Onions

                          Avocados, Roma Tomatoes, Red Onions, and Guacamole Mix

After all of the ingredients are in the bowl, here comes the fun part, we get to smash the avocados.  I used a fork to do this.  Some people would say, "No, stop... Don't do it that way... You're going to mash the tomatoes too!" That's the point though.  The tomatoes give the guacamole wonderful flavor. The red onions seem to have about the same shape before and after being mashed. The guacamole seasoning packet gets turned in with all the rest of it.  When I make guacamole, I usually don't mash it all.  You don't want to puree it or make it like baby food.  I leave a few nice sized avocado chunks. The chunks of fresh avocado are great for loading onto chips.

So here is a nerdy picture of me. I'm not really the popular girl type. I was too shy and never could make the cheer team. I believe I was too anti-social to ever fit the "in" crowd. I like study hard and was top of the class in college. I like books, love to read and I type 60 wpm. I like to talk on the phone, and keep track of the details. For the most part, I deal with chaos well, and do my best to keep things organized. Everything with me is logical and methodical. My favorite method to pursue my goals is simple and step by step. I wear glasses and hardly ever wear make up. Usually, what I wear varies from day to day. I don't really care that much about clothing. If you were wondering, yes, I am a huge Star Wars fan and I own a brief case if that further seals the deal. I usually don't post very many pictures of me. I'm a little bit modest and not sure if I should share or not. Just so you know who you're working with, I will share this recent picture.

I stirred up the guacamole and put it on a plate with our favorite Sweet and Spicy Doritos. Guacamole makes an excellent side for anything.  This guacamole turned out really well.  I used to have a friend who had this "secret" ingredient to her guacamole.  Her secret ingredient turned out to be store bought salsa.  Store bought salsa can be a quicker way to make salsa because it cuts the prep time, but I personally like to keep ingredients as fresh as possible. I don't use anything like that.  I try to make recipes that are raw vegan.

The guacamole did not last long.  I generally like to make guacamole in smaller batches because then the guacamole is always  made ready to eat and fresh.  An optional squeeze of lime juice would help keep guacamole fresh too. We didn't use lime juice because we planned to eat the guacamole right away.  Well, that's all for now.  Keep reading and subscribe.  Pin this to Pinterest.  Add me on Google. Share on Facebook and twitter, and have a great day.


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