Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to Make Braided Hair Look Longer

I know whenever I braid my hair, it always seems to lose a few inches in length.  I really love long, braided hair, especially little girls look great that way.  I watched a tutorial, and tried to see if I could replicate a braid that makes a person's hair look longer.

What you're supposed to do is divide the hair into three equal parts.  On the French braid from the top, only use the left and right strands.  Take the center strand and tie it with a pony tail, keeping it out of the way.  The center strand of hair will be reserved for the bottom half of the braid.  The unused center strand is what gives the hair the look of being a longer length.

After I worked the hair with the left strand and right strand like a normal French braid, I finished to the top of the neck.  I removed the pony tail holder from the center piece of hair (the one that was left alone).  I divided the hair into halves, and fish tailed the hair from the top of the neck down.  Fishtailing is taking very small strands, one from the left, and then one from the right, and crossing them over very tightly.  When I braid, I like a nice tight braid.  The tighter the braid is, the better it holds.  Sometimes tighter braids leave more waves than loosely braided hair.

As you can see, this is the final result.  It likely added another 3 inches to her hair length. 

This braid turned out nice and tight.  She kept the extra long braid in her hair overnight and in the morning there were nice waves in her hair.

I'll update more pictures later.  I'm having a minor malfunction.  My camera plug in attachment is not working so I have to buy another one in the morning and finish with the updates.  I usually don't go this long without a post.  Then again, I never post much without a picture.  Hopefully sometime tomorrow I will be able to get the camera attachment.

Thank you for reading.  I will post more soon. 

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