Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Fund Raiser Benefit for Lori Blackner-Myers

Lori Blackner-Myers, single mother of four boys, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2013.  Since Blackner-Meyer's diagnosis of breast cancer, doctors noticed that the cancer had metastasized to her bones.  Blackner-Meyers has had full hip replacement, several neck and spinal surgeries and three rounds of chemotherapy.  We attended the Memorial Day fundraiser event, and it was a fun day.  There were several bouncy houses, free snow cones, free hotdogs and free cotton candy.  It was a fun family event, but in a sad way.  We each made a card for Lori Blackner-Meyers to help keep her spirits up and donated a little money.  If you would like to help with expenses to help this family, you can donate to State Bank of Southern Utah "Colleen and Kay Scott Memorial Foundation."

Lori Blackner Meyers and her four sons  c/o Colleen and Kay Scott Fundraiser

I brought Nicole and her friend, Presley, to the park to enjoy the day.  We got there and there was a moderate sized crowd and blue skies.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The bouncy houses were set in the center of tall shade trees.  We arrived there to see kids jumping and playing on the bouncy houses. The girls immediately took off their shoes so that they could join in the fun.  The Cliff Hanger was the first bouncy house they went on.

This bouncy house in the picture below had a ladder to climb.  It was Presley's favorite bouncy house. She jumped on this house several times.

Here comes Nicole sliding down the bouncy house.

After sliding down the bouncy houses, the girls decided that they wanted snow cones.  There were only two flavors to choose from Blue Raspberry and Tiger's Blood.  The girls both wanted Blue Raspberry.  Once they started to have snow cones, their lips started to turn blue.

Presley's lips were totally blue.  She was freezing so we had to move out of the shade and find a sunny spot so that she would stay warm.

Nicole's lips also turned blue.  

This is what eating Blue Raspberry snow cones does to kids.  It turns them into monsters.

Overall, it was just a wonderful day in the sun.  We all had a great time running, jumping and playing.  The Memorial Day Fund Raiser Benefit for Lori Blackner-Myers was successful. There was a great turn out, lots of families showed up to support their cause. I couldn't imagine what it would be like emotionally and physically to have breast cancer. Lori Blackner-Meyers did not show up to the benefit. I can't imagine that she would feel up to it. I relate as a mother, I think with an illness like that, knowing that she has young children that need her, Lori Blackner-Meyers must be struggling very hard to survive. I guess that's every mother's fear -- how will their children ever survive without them?  That's why I find this so tragic.  My father passed away in 2008, and it was a tragic loss for our family.  I cannot imagine the emotional and physical suffering and pain that she and her family have been going through and are currently experiencing.  I'm grateful for this lovely sunny day to be able to listen to the birds and sit under the shade tree with my family.  I think people don't realize how fortunate they are to have good health.  I realize how lucky I have been to have my health, and how thankful I should be for every day of life.


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