Monday, August 3, 2015

Dancing in the Pioneer Day Parade

 In order to dance for Dance Magic in the Pioneer Day Parade, we had to buy the shirt that matches everyone else. We had to buy a few more things: black shorts, white tennis shoes, and a yellow bow. Not to mention the other parts that needed put together like hair, nails, and make up. Dancing can be like a sport; it's very demanding. Not only is dancing physically demanding, it is also visually demanding. I definitely felt the pinch because everything is so inflated price wise. It seems like the little things cost so much. Each mom is trying to make their kid feel more adequate by buying them nicer things. They are curling their daughter's hair or painting their nails. I wondered how many thousands of dollars that all of the parents paid just to have their children march down the street? It seemed like when it was all added up, there must have been a great deal invested into all of the kids. Most of the kids that dance come from middle class families. Each of the parades that the kids go into is quite an investment.

Clapping Hands and Marching Down the Street

I am new to this. I've never had Nicole dancing in a parade.We were supposed to meet between a two block area between a local gas station and a local hotel. We parked far out because the street was shut down, and then we walked uphill to the Dance Magic parade float. We arrived on time, and there weren't very many kids there. After a few minutes of waiting, there were fifty or sixty kids, and by the time the parade started there were about 100 or more kids that were riding the parade float or dancing. I was able to get a short clip of Nicole's dancing. It was a breezy, sunny day. By the end of the parade, Nicole was sweaty and hot from dancing. I was very proud of her. 

American Flag on Pioneer Day

The day did not feel very hot, especially to those that were sitting in the shade, but when a person moves to the sunny side, it can be ten degrees hotter. When it's hot and the kids are dancing under the bright sun, they work up a sweat. I cannot stress how important it is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Many of the kids were exhausted by the end of the dance. This picture of Main Street in Cedar City, Utah is the same location of the Main Street that was remodeled by Amy Grant on a show called "Three Wishes." Many of the light poles, trees, and other external structures were improved and have become more mature from years ago. Some of the city events have attracted quite a lot of media and tourism. It's a real honor to have Nicole dance in the parade.

I apologize for July being so late posting. My views have been down mainly because I believe that people have just been busy playing and having fun in the summer sunshine. It's been cooling down now and so I'm catching back up on my blog posts and will have more to report. Thank you for being so patient with me. I will be more prompt with my posts.


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