Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wildflowers on the 4th of July

The wildflowers were in full bloom across the rocky hillsides. My mom wanted to use the flowers for a bouquet center piece for the tables. She had worked all day tying red, white and blue bows to the deck, and setting out the table cloths and runners so that everything would be perfect for a backyard barbecue. Everything was fancy, but it needed that extra touch, a display of American patriotism

Utah Wild Mountain Daisies and American Flags on the 4th of July

I'm not sure what all of the different wildflowers are named so I won't try to go there.  I will just say that every flower that I thought was beautiful, I took pictures.

Grandma Patty (mom) and Nicole out cutting wildflowers.

Ellie is so patient and loyal. She sits on the rhino and waits for everyone to get back.

Utah State Flower The Sego Lily

Our final mountain wildflower bouquet was a burst of colors.  Nicole and Aunt Anne put small river rocks into the bottom of the vase to help position the flowers. We poured cool water over the rocks, and then we placed the wildflowers into the refrigerator. When we first got these wildflowers back to the cabin, they were badly slumped over. It was a real depressing sight, but when we placed the flowers into the refrigerator, they all perked up and lifted. The cooler air helped to preserve the flowers. They looked very nice on our table.

I am thankful for all the beautiful colors and all of the great adventures that we had collecting and assorting flowers. It was a real pleasure to be a part of this. Keep reading. I haven't even gotten to our big 4th of July party. Thank you for following along.


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